David H Sachs

David H Sachs

Paul S. Russell/Warner Lambert Professor of Surgery, Emeritus
David H Sachs

This laboratory is involved in studies of transplantation biology, with an emphasis on understanding and manipulating transplantation immunity and tolerance. Current lines of investigation include:

• Studies on the induction of specific tolerance to both allogeneic and xenogeneic transplants by an approach which utilizes mixed bone marrow chimerism.

• Studies in strains of miniature swine which have been developed as a large animal model for transplantation research. The availability of four different intra-MHC recombinants make this the only large animal model in which immunogenetic studies of the MHC and its role in transplantation can be performed reproducibly. We are presently studying the mechanism (cellular immunity and cytokine gene regulation) by which selective matching of MHC antigens in these animals leads to tolerance following transplantation of vascularized organs. We are also testing strategies for crossing the xenogeneic transplantation barrier swine to primate, with the intent of utilizing our genetically defined swine as donors. 

It is our hope that through understanding the mechanisms involved in transplantation immunity at the basic level we will be able to design new, clinically applicable strategies for the induction of donor specific transplantation tolerance in patients.

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