Mark Cobbold

Mark Cobbold

Associate Professor of Medicine
Mark Cobbold
My laboratory focuses on understanding and investigating how the healthy human immune response is able to recognize and target cancerous cells, and when it fails, how it could be strengthened to recognize this endogenous threat.  Our immune system faces a challenge in targeting cancerous cells as they are not “foreign” yet subtle changes in the cellular proteins exist that nevertheless allow our immune cells (T-cells) to detect them.  Cancer cells modify internal proteins in different ways to healthy cells, a process fundamental to a cell becoming cancerous.  These abnormal modifications can be recognized by T-cells and we believe that they play a role in protecting us against cancer and may operate in all of us.  In patients with cancer, this immunity is often lost and therefore new approaches may be needed.  We are developing therapeutics that mobilizes existing potent immune responses to instead tackle cancer.  These immune-based therapies make cancerous cells appear virally infected in the hope that our own anti-viral immunity could step in to fill the void.

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Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center
Building 149 Thirteenth Street
Room 7211
Charlestown, MA 02129
p: 617-643-5259