Hans Oettgen

Hans Oettgen

Children's Hospital Boston Professor of Pediatric Immunology
Hans Oettgen
The Oettgen lab studies IgE and mast cell functions in the regulation of allergic sensitization and in the pathogenesis of food allergy. The group has established murine models of allergic diseases, including anaphylaxis, asthma, food allergy and allergic rhinitis and has used these along with a variety of genetic mutants with altered IgE, IgE-receptor or mast cell function to assess functions of IgE and mast cells in allergic pathogenesis. These investigations have revealed previously unknown adjuvant effects of IgE-activated mast cells in driving Th2 and ILC2 responses while suppressing Treg induction. The lab has also demonstrated a role for IgE in regulating the expression of its receptors, CD23 and FcRI, and has characterized novel antigen-independent effects of IgE antibodies on mast cell homeostasis and dendritic cell function as well as IgE effector roles in immunity to parasites including Schistosoma mansoni and Trichinella spiralis. Dr. Oettgen’s lab provides students with the opportunity to develop expertise in the study of allergic pathogenesis using animal models, genetic manipulations, cell culture systems and human study materials.

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