G1 Year

Fall Semester ChartSpring Semester Chart


  • Immunology 201. Advanced Topics in Immunology
  • Immunology 301. Immunology Seminar Discussion Course
  • Elective


  • Immunology 202. Advanced Principles of Immunology
  • Immunology 204. Critical Reading for Immunology
  • Immunology 302qc. Clinical Sessions in Immunology

In addition, G1s must participate in ten 3-hour courses to be team-taught by three upper year students including one G3, G4 and G5 student.  These courses will be taught monthly and are the Immunology Program’s nano-course equivalent.

G2 Year

 Med-Sci. 300qc. Conduct of Science. Med-Sci 350T (teaching)

G6 Year

G6 students are required to take Med.Sci. 302qc. Conduct of Science refresher in their fall semester.