Annual Immunology Retreat

All immunology students and faculty are invited to an annual retreat in New England. The scientific program includes poster sessions, social events and numerous student, faculty and keynote seminars.

2021/22 Annual Retreat

May, 2022
Loon Mountain, NH

2019 Annual Retreat

Keynote Speaker:
Dr. Janelle Ayres, Salk Institute for Biological Studies
Host-microbe interactions: Harnessing co-evolution to treat disease

2019 Student Talks

Nelson LaMarche (Brenner Lab)
Discovery of adipose iNKT cell subsets reveals an essential role for IFNγ in metabolic homeostasis

Jennifer Helble (Starnbach lab)
Visualizing the CD4+ T cell response to Chlamydia trachomatis

William Orent (Sachs Lab)
Prevention of relapses in mice with ongoing EAE via combined allogeneic bone marrow and neural stem cell transplantation

Alexander Mann (Mathis lab)
Mechanisms regulating immunological tolerance

2019, G2 Class Coordinators