The Jeffrey Modell Prize

Every year the Jeffrey Modell foundation and the Graduate Committee of Immunology award a graduate for excellence in his or her graduate career and dissertation. To learn more about the Modell Foundation please visit their website.

Fred and Vicki Modell with Ayano Kohlgruber during 2018 ceremony

(Fred and Vicki Modell with Ayano Kohlgruber during 2018 ceremony)

2020 Prize Recipients:

Jefte Drijvers, Sharpe-Haigis Labs
Travis Hughes, Shalek Lab

We will be scheduling an in person ceremony for both our 2019 and 2020 recipients once it is safe to do so.

2019 Prize Recipient:
Debattama Sen, Haining Lab

Past Award Recipients:

2000 - Robert Monroe, Alt Lab

2001 - Benjamin Gewurz, Ploegh Lab

2002 - Navin Rao, Band Lab

2004 - Brandon Sullivan, Glimcher Lab
2004 - Sean Rooney, Alt Lab
2004 - Dong Lee, Rao Lab

2006 - Matthew Call, Wucherpfennig Lab

2007 - Marc Wein, Glimcher Lab

2009 - Sarah Henrickson, von Andrian Lab
2009 - Ivana Djuretic, Rao Lab
2009 - Melanie Cornejo, Gilliland Lab

2010 - Mamta Tahiliani, Rao Lab
2010 - Matthew Greenblatt, Glimcher Lab

2011 - Salil Garg, Brenner Lab

2012 - Nicholas Chevrier, Hacohen Lab

2013 - Peter Sage, Sharpe Lab
2013 - Mark Lee, Hacohen Lab

2014 - Kevin Bonham, Kagan Lab

2015 Jose Ordovas-Montanes, von Andrian Lab
2015 Sarah Bettigole, Glimcher Lab
2015 Esen Sefik, Mathis Lab

2016 Wilfredo Garcia-Beltran, Altfeld Lab
2016 Jernej Godec, Haining Lab/Sharpe Lab

2017- Semir Beyaz, Orkin Lab

2018- Ayano Kohlgruber, Brenner Lab