Jennifer Guerriero

Jennifer Guerriero

Assistant Professor of Surgery
Jennifer Guerriero
The major goal of the Guerriero lab is to accelerate breast cancer immunotherapy by harnessing tumor associated macrophages. To date, immunotherapy has largely focused on recruiting and activating anti-tumor T cells, which has shown tremendous responses in some types of cancers, but we know that not all patients and not all cancer types benefit from T cell targeted approaches. Macrophages are highly prevalent in solid tumors and function to promote cancer cell survival and proliferation and can also inhibit anti-tumor T cells responses. Therefore, the Guerriero Lab aims to target macrophages to design clinically effective strategies to promote T cell activation and weaken the immune-suppressive tumor microenvironment to improve immunotherapy response rates in breast cancer patients. The lab is particularly interested in identifying tumor-promoting tumor macrophages in breast tumors before and after therapy, elucidating their molecular and metabolic regulation that promotes immune suppression and therapy-resistance and determining how tumor macrophage phenotype, diversity, metabolism and function can be modulated for anti-tumor responses. The lab is working to perform in-depth analysis of animal models and patient samples to efficiently guide rational use and development of immunotherapy modalities for the treatment of breast cancer.

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